The Challenge

Sussex Gate Services faced several challenges with the installation of these straight-top style aluminium gates, requiring technical experience. We needed to tailor the design of the gate as well as the installation process to the client’s driveway.

The request for Roger technology underground operators presented a unique challenge due to the need for reliability and discreet functionality. Additionally, the implementation of an AES smartphone app intercom system required precise coordination to enable efficient access control.

The Solution

GateMaster Solutions approached the project with meticulous planning and expertise to overcome the challenges presented. Straight top-style aluminium gates were selected to align with the property’s architectural style, offering both security and visual appeal.

Roger technology underground operators were chosen for their reliability and ability to operate discreetly, maintaining the gates’ sleek appearance. The integration of these operators ensured smooth automation while minimising visual disruption.

To provide convenient and secure access control, Sussex Gate Services implemented an AES smartphone app intercom system. This innovative solution allowed residents to manage entry remotely, enhancing security and streamlining visitor communication.

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