The Challenge

The task at hand involved integrating the classic appeal of Yeomans-style gates crafted from Iroko wood with modern automation features. The homeowner aimed for a secure and convenient entrance, integrating an audio intercom system and a separate keypad while ensuring a smooth exit with the addition of a vehicle road loop.

The Final Results

The Iroko Yeomans-style gates added a huge amount of character to the entrance of this property and were crafted to perfection. The integration of FAAC operators brought a seamless automation system, allowing for effortless gate operation.

Access control was further enhanced with a wired audio-only intercom system and a dedicated keypad. This provided a comprehensive solution for managing entry. The installation of a free exit vehicle road loop, before the new tarmac driveway was laid, ensured a hassle-free departure.

This case study from Three Cups showcases the successful integration of classic aesthetics with modern technology, resulting in a secure, convenient, and visually stunning entrance.

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