The Challenge

The challenge with this project was the camber in the road. We had to craft these gates to perfection to address the awkwardness of the uneven road. The homeowner sought a tailored solution that combined a beautiful aesthetic with the convenience of automation while fitting the unique landscape of his driveway.

The Final Result

We produced a beautiful bespoke Iroko hardwood gate, designed to accommodate the road camber while exuding a timeless charm. The bespoke design not only addresses the challenges posed by the road’s camber but also adds a touch of sophistication to the entrance. To provide the client with simple and convenient accessibility we fitted the gates with a Roger Technology operator.

Enhancing security and improving convenience doesn’t need to be a laborious task for a homeowner. This case study of an Iroko Hardwood Automated Gate Installation in Haywards Heath demonstrates how a thoughtful blend of hardwood gates and Roger Technologies automation can transform a property into a smart and stylish living space.

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