The Challenge

The project involved the installation of Iroko gates and closed board fencing to the property border. Automating the gates using Roger Technology underground operators was relatively simple due to the nature of the terrain. The integration of access control through a Videx GSM intercom system and the installation of a free exit road loop required careful planning to ensure seamless functionality.

The Solution

Taking the client’s requirements for the entrance, we developed a comprehensive plan to ensure everything was covered. Custom Iroko gates were crafted to look great while ensuring durability. Roger Technology underground operators were selected for their reliability and discreet operation, seamlessly integrating with the Iroko gates.

To allow for controlled access, a Videx GSM intercom system was installed. This tech allows for communication between visitors and residents via mobile devices. This system provided convenient and secure access management while enhancing the property’s security. The closed board fencing around the perimeter of the property improved the privacy and security of the property. Sussex Gate Services’ expertise and attention to detail resulted in a solution that exceeded the client’s expectations.

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